Spider Man: No Way Home…No Way To Top This Film

Spider Man: No Way Home…No Way To Top This Film

Eliana Linder

On December 17, 2021, a new addition to the marvel cinematic universe was released leaving all marvel fans from everywhere in awe. Spider-Man: No Way Home is the third movie to the spiderman trilogy starring Tom Holland. It had lots of anticipation leading up to it and many high bars set but it surpassed all of them. The writers and directors carefully crafted this cinematic masterpiece weaving in feats of comedy, action, and heartfelt scenes throughout the movie. It would not be a far reach to say that this is the best marvel movie ever made.

The movie starts off with the same exact last clip from Spider-Man: Far From Home when Mysterio reveals Spider-Man‘s true identity to the world. From their spiderman’s life is turned into a whirlwind of chaos and lies, the public thinking that he is a mass murderer. Although the plot from the outside may look like Peter trying to clear his name the movie truly goes into a much deeper meaning. It deals with the concepts of being moral and if people are worth a second chance, bringing back the famous line, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Peter struggles in this film, feeling lost in more ways than one, although his best friend Ned and girlfriend MJ are there for him every step of the way.

The iconic trio of Spiderman, MJ, and Ned had been portrayed throughout all of the Spiderman movies and the chemistry is unbelievable. Peter Parker understands that in order to succeed he needs help which is where MJ and Ned come in helping him win from behind the scenes. Whilst MJ and Ned aren’t on the front lines with Peter they are still essential to defeating the new villains in this movie. Plus there are comedic parts where Peter and MJ are having a romantic moment and Nate comes to join them completely unaware that he is interrupting and acting as a third wheel. Although Peter Parker is the star of the film it wouldn’t have been half as good without his best friends MJ and Ned. Not to mention Peter, MJ, and Ned aren’t the only trio with insane chemistry in this movie…

Tom Holland truly dives into Peter’s character in this film embracing all of the ups and downs that he is experiencing. Through this movie, Peter is struggling with his inner demons having to make tough decisions which are beautifully and precisely played by Tom Holland. Peter is only a 17-year-old teenager with quite literally the fate of the multiverse on his shoulders and he doesn’t know who to lean on.
Just like many other recent Marvel films, the main problem that this film faces is how to control the multiverse. The concept of the multiverse believes that there are a finite amount of universes and in this movie, we can see the collision of many. This concept has been brought up in Wanda-Vision, Loki, and hinted at in many other Marvel films. Dr. Strange is also featured in this film as a type of mentor to Peter providing more insight into this concept because it is in his area of expertise.

As a marvel fan, there are no words to explain how this movie was so carefully put together wrapping up the trilogy at the same time opening a brand new door. There were so many different references to MCU movies including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse which although was not a regular movie produced by marvel it was lived by all. There were so many little and big teasers into new movies and even hitting at potential crossovers, Stan Lee would be proud to see all of his movies come together.

This movie has grossed a total of $601M across the globe which is completely out of this world. There have only been 2 other movies that have been able to pass the 600M mark and for Spider-Man: No Way Home to be one of them truly shows how widely it is appreciated by everyone. It is also essential to note that this movie is entirely in theaters at a time where there is a national pandemic occurring and people are staying at home. Thus if it was released without COVID we could see an even higher return rate. It has a 94% on rotten tomatoes and a 99% audience score with critics describing it as a “skillful combination of visuals,” and a “funnel-web cornucopia of treats.” Furthermore, this is the first Spider-Man movie to get a perfect CinemaScore rating, displaying how the MCU brought their A-game to this film.

To conclude, this film will have you sobbing in tears whether it be from happiness or sadness, but most likely a combination of both. Bringing back all of our favorite MCU charterers and seeing them take the screen again is truly a delight for all fans across the globe. Towards the end of the movie the storyline is cut short leaving fans wanting more and fortunately, a 4th movie has been confirmed by Kevin Feige, but there is no way to top this film.