Snapchat Complicates the Lives of Millions

Quinn Reinhardt

With each new Snapchat update, the millions of users around the world seem to anger quickly. Each time Snapchat updates its layout, people feel confused, stressed, and angry. However, this transition period usually lasts no more than a few days, and users get accustomed to the new format.


This, however, is not the case regarding the newest update. Snapchat has increased the incorporation of the users’ Bitmoji, which many view to be childish and annoying. Also, Snapchats now appear in an order to which there is no rhyme or reason, and is no longer chronological. Instagram has long since ditched the sensible concept of keeping things in chronological order. Instagram experienced major backlash when it decided to eliminate chronologically ordered feeds, so why Snapchat joined this bandwagon is mind boggling to the millions of users.


Many people have begun to reduce their time spent on Snapchat, and some have deleted the app altogether. When asked about this new update, sophomore Oliver Reinhardt has said “I don’t like it. It is harder to find peoples stories, the ‘friend’s’ page is no longer chronological, and there is no rhyme or reason to the news articles on the right. It is an abomination.”


The Snapchat update does not seem to be very well received, to say the very least.