Sherlock Season 4

Rachel Sloan and Kellyann Bock

On New Years Day, fans all over the world were ecstatic to finally have the BBC series Sherlock back on air for another three episodes. Before we get started, this is a warning that there will be spoilers so if you have not watched any of the episodes in season 4, do not keep reading until you have done that. Now, lets begin.

First off, this season had the introduction of many new and creative characters that were a lot of fun to watch on screen. Some of these characters including Culverton Smith portrayed by Toby Jones and Eurus Holmes played by Sian Brookes. Culverton Smith has been said to be the worst villain Sherlock has ever had to face in the series and was very fun and entertaining to watch. As seen in the second episode of this season, “The Lying Detective” he almost kills Sherlock when Sherlock asks him to, which was an immensely intense and emotional scene to watch, as Sherlock was trying to put himself in a life or death situation for his companion John Watson to save him. Toby Jones did a phenomenal job with the character. It was very interesting to watch him in Sherlock, as Kellyann and I have enjoyed him in a few other movies such as the Captain America films (2011’s The First Avenger and 2014’s The Winter Soldier) as Dr. Zola. Along with Smith, Eurus Holmes was a new addition to the show this season and added a stunning twist to the plot as she is Sherlock and Mycroft’s secret, criminally insane sister. Yes, this season we learn there is another Holmes sibling who is pretty creepy but brilliant to watch. She’s incredibly smart, however she is insane and shows signs of it starting at a very young age. For example as a young girl, she cut her arm open to “see how her muscles worked”. When she escapes her beyond maximum security prison, she poses as John’s new therapist, his friend who he texted while still married to Mary, and the daughter of Culverton Smith who visits Sherlock and presents the case to him. She puts John, Sherlock, and Mycroft through a series of incredibly difficult tasks which begin to uncover parts of Sherlock’s past his mind covered up. Her performance was outstanding in my opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed the newest season of Sherlock however fans had mixed feelings about it. Some thought the new season was terrific as I did, however many others believed it was quite the opposite. They didn’t enjoy it at all. My parents had mixed feelings about the 3 new episodes. Fans were especially upset to hear that this season could very likely be our last. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have become extremely famous actors with jobs lined up for them. In November, marvel fans loved Cumberbatch’s performance as Doctor Strange and Cumberbatch has a line up of marvel movies he will be a part of in the near future. The actors have become very busy over the years and have had an increasing amount of scheduling  conflicts with the show over the years. However, they still love the show and hope to continue to make time for it so there is a possibility of yet another season for us. As this was always a possibility, writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat did a wonderful job of leaving the ending satisfying yet ambiguous so that they can add more if they wish.

Overall, Kellyann and I thought the newest installment of the show was incredible as always and we hope we get to see more of it in a few years!