“Puffs” Review

Puffs Review

Kellyann Bock and Rachel Sloan

If you are fan of Harry Potter and snarky humor, there is an unmissable play within our very own New York City. Dubbed “Puffs”, the play follows the perspective of the Hufflepuffs students throughout the well-known seven Harry Potter books. Humorous and equipped with a fresh perspective, this innovative comedic gold serves only to make the Harry Potter series even more beloved. The play centers around Wayne (an American wizard who comes to Hogwarts and aspires to become a hero), Oliver (a Muggle-born genius – whose genius seems to “fail” him in the wizarding world), and Megan (a tough witch with a Death Eater mother) as they attempt to survive the dangerous seven years at the Hogwarts School. The protagonists, alongside the hilarious and notable supporting characters, struggle with coming to terms with their Puff identity, (which is referred to as not being popular/liked in school and not having redeemable famed qualities) their new magical abilities, and the looming threat that Voldemort and Harry Potter pose.

“Puffs” is full of nonstop laughter, clever, and witty commentary regarding the movie, real world and the book series alongside talented multi-character portrayal. Without a doubt, this play is one to see — and it is currently playing at the Elektra Theatre (300 W 43rd St, between 8th and 9th Avenue)