Movie Review: Mother!

Starred by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem.

Starred by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem

Starred by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem

Tracy Wang

A fantastic and thrilling cinematic creation of the 21st century, Mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence (Mother; Him’s wife) and Javier Bardem (Him; an author) illustrates a relatable message for everyone in the world. This movie is bizarre, complex, raw, gory, disconnected, yet intertwined at the same time. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, this metaphorical film displays the human race’s impact on Mother Nature.

The movie begins with Mother waking up in Him’s house, ready to work on her progress reconstructing her home. Rebuilding wood, painting walls, and fixing up damaged areas that resulted from Him’s history of a past fire. As the film progresses into the first part of the chaotic storyline, visitors (admirers of Him’s literature works) intrude Mother’s living space and occupies the areas nurtured and protected by Mother. Him allows the visitors to stay and insists that it is alright to take and use all the resources in the house. Him insists that what is his is automatically his visitors’ as well. Mother is bothered, but endures the strangers. As more visitors arrive at the house, Mother’s reconstruction is slowly damaged by Him’s admirers, and the house evolves into an apocalyptic hovel of a crazy cult that praises Him. They destroy the house and takes all of Mother’s belongings. At this time, the impregnated Mother gives birth to her baby, which Him shows to the crowd. Cruelly, the crowd’s fascination kills the baby and begins consuming its flesh. Once again, Him emphasizes his consent that his belongings are the admirers’ as well. Mother is hated and blamed for not wanting to share her personal property, so the crowd resorts to beating and abusing Mother to gain redemption for stopping them from utilizing her resources. At the end of the movie, Mother was burned in a colossal fire, sacrificing her heart for Him who is alive and untouched to restore the house. After Him receives the heart and forms it into a glass ornament, the house was restored. Only this time, Mother’s appearance is different, but still waking up to an identical scene as the beginning of the movie.

Paralleling to biblical ideas of the creation of humans by God, Mother Nature offers everything it has for God to liberally experiment. However, the humans takes advantage of Mother Nature’s boundaries and continues to claim all of its properties and offerings as their own. Destroying every aspect of nature through warring, selfishness, and cruelty. Through all this time, Mother Nature continues to offer its resources until nothing is left to be taken advantage of. Mother Nature withers, but the humans will move on to another “Mother Nature” – another planet. Again, the beauty, serenity, and purity of nature will be ruined, running in a cyclic pattern of destruction (the repetition of the scenes from the beginning of the movie, but with changed appearances). This sends a universal message to nurture, protect, and respect Mother Nature as there will be one day where there will be no resources left and everything will go down in ruins. If humans continue to destroy the planet and act on its selfish desires, there will be no nature, no life, and no beauty to the world.

This confusing film production conveyed a powerful message to humanity and the world for how we as humans should treat the world as Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem actively portrays human representations of metaphysical objects.

The movie is available to be rented at $5.99, and purchased for $9.99.