Milk and Honey Book Review

Mary Panetta, Entertainment Editor

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Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur, is an empowering book which has become a New York Times bestseller within a year of its publication. The book is divided into four chapters, each written to heal a different pain. The pains that this book tries to mend, through poetry, include “the hurting,” “the loving,” “the breaking,” and “the healing.” Kaur’s style is unique with the syntactical choice of only writing in lowercase letters and her unusual usage of punctuation, which is simply periods. She explains her different style by stating that, “it is less about breaking the rules of English (although that’s pretty fun) but more about tying in my own history and heritage within my work.” Kaur emigrated from her birthplace in Punjab, India with her parents and relocated to Toronto, Canada while she was young. Kaur connects her heritage and writing to create poetry unlike any other. Kaur not only does poetry but also is an artist. Some poems in her book contain a picture that was drawn by Kaur next to it. This adds to the poetry and, at times, emphasizes certain phrases in order to see hidden meanings. Milk and Honey has become very popular since its publication date in 2015 and the original soft cover book recently was made into a hardcover.

This book is perfect for everyone, even those who don’t necessarily like to read. Each poem is about a page long in length and, overall, the book will take you about an hour to read (because trust me, you won’t be able to put it down). Milk and Honey mixes femininity, abuse, trauma, love, loss, and healing into 204 pages of lessons that make the reader think. Kaur urges her readers to “see each other as one” and to “always stay grounded” in order to create peace and unity. This message is crucial to today’s society, which seems to only shed nothing but tears and blood. This book will have a different meaning to everyone who reads it, so pick up a copy today and see how incredible Milk and Honey is for yourself!