Manhasset Invites Alumni for Hallelujah Chorus

Luke Chan

As Christmas approaches, Manhasset musicians are preparing to spread holiday cheer and spirit.  Each day of the week prior to the break, small chamber groups play in the hallways for staff and faculty as they enter the building in the mornings.  Six of the best music groups will be performing this week at the Holiday Concert, displaying a wide variety of music.  Beginning with the Wind Ensemble, the concert shows off the bombastic sounds of the band.  Following the band are the choirs, and the concert will cap off with the famous Hallelujah Chorus.

Performing the Hallelujah Chorus is an annual tradition at the high school, and former Manhasset students are invited to sing with the chorus.  Bringing back the alumni makes this concert more than just a musical display, but it gets to bring the Manhasset community back together for a night.  The bright bursts of the brass, the grace of the strings, and the power in the voices of the singers come together to create a truly impressive and energetic experience for the audience.  Various soloists are featured in each of the groups, and the performances represent the best of Manhasset’s musicians.  With the auditorium decorated with holiday lights and Christmas ornaments on stage by the Tri-M Honor Society, the concert will surely be a happy event for everyone before they go home for the well-deserved holiday break.