Maleficent Flies Again


Eliana Linder, Author

Film is a wonderful medium in which people express their feelings, emotions, opinions, and concerns. Just like books, movies can teach deep and meaningful morals, and that is no exception for this film. Throughout the entire narrative, it demonstrates two worlds trying to come together, and face struggles even bigger than Maleficent’s wings. The audience experiences what happens if one just accepts the facts and doesn’t dig deeper but then learns that if they do they might discold hard truth. There are many different aspects to a movie such as the cast, special effects, backgrounds, costume designs and cinematography. This movie was a huge challenge, trying to live up to its previous movie Maleficent, and not fall short. Although the movie Maleficent Mistress of Evil directed by Joachim Rønning, won’t be your true love, hopefully it won’t put the audience to sleep.


Our story starts off with Aurora ruling over the Morgue–the land next to the Kingdom Ulstead, home to all of the mythical creatures–and Maleficent as its protector. After the engagement of Aurora and Prince Philip, they make an attempt to unite the Kingdoms peacefully. Unfortunately, it ends up not going so well. The Kingdom then deems Maleficent an evil creature, and makes an attempt to kill all creatures that aren’t human. A breathtaking fight scene replete with special effects and phenomenal cinematography, comes out at the end, numerous lives are lost on both sides. Maleficent is the star of the special effects–her gowns and her horns look like they were always there. Her powers will make you think that fairies are real. The plot was mostly predictable but had some unexpected twists; it gives away the true antagonist too early. In addition, the movie Maleficent is about Maleficent, and she is absent in a lot of scenes and these scenes are plain out boring. Not having the one and only action aspect of the movie be absent a lot can give your story an unwanted hole in it. In brief, Maleficent had stupendous effects, but the plot felt short of its true potential; and the absence of the main character left an “empty nest”, and didn’t keep the audience intrigued enough to pay attention to the little details, which was truly the horns of this movie. 

Throughout the film many scenes have intriguing dialogue, special effects, and surprises, but one scene surpasses them all. When dinner takes place in the castle with Maleficent, Aurora, Prince Phillup, The King, and The Queen, so much action happens, just through their words. At first they are civil, but then when Maleficent goes to pick up the iron fork, which burns fairies, the Queen seems deeply sorry but if the audience looks a little closer, one can tell that this was her intention the whole time. As the Queen continues to talk, she continuously insults Maleficent. Both the Queen and Maleficent were highly irritated by one another. You could feel the tension crawling up your leg. Despite Aurora’s attempt to keep her calm, she jumps up and gives a huge blast of her magical green powers, causing everyone to get thrown almost 10 feet. Even if she didn’t have powers just her look could make everyone recoil in fear. In this sense, it appears the Maleficent is the antagonist, but it is truly the Queen. Her decisive ways, got everyone to think that Maleficent is the villain but it is her words and  actions that end up hurting people, if it was direct or not. It is absolutely phenomenal the way the dialogue pans out; it seems as if Maleficent is attacked them at first, but the Queen actually verbally assaulted them long before. This scene had everything all in one: dialogue, action, anticipation, special effects, and all of the main actors/actresses.

Angelina Jolie made the part of Maleficent come alive. With her highly defined cheekbones, her horns that would tower over anyone, her huge black ominous wings, her fantastic costumes, her slightly noticeable fangs ways in the back, and finally, the death stare that has been masters. This actress was able to switch from the meanest fairy in all the lands, to the peacekeeper of the two worlds, with a switch. Jolie has also been nominated for 8 Golden Globe awards and won 3. Jolie is simply the best part of the movie. When she’s transformed into Maleficent one can tell that she becomes a completely different person and she displays this throughout the film. The film would be cursed without Angolina Jolie.

If this were to get an overall rating from me, it would be a 3/5 stars. The special effects were exceptional, especially considering that most of the characters were mythical, and that they have to show Maleficent in depth, which includes her powers, especially when people have to get pushed back by her imaginary powers. The true magic in this film, is how the special effects were made. The star, Anjeline Jolie, AcademyAwars and Golden Globe winning star  one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, definitely boosted this rating significantly, maybe by a star, and it could’ve been more if she was in more scenes. She was transformed into the fairy physically, and emotionally. She kept the film together and without her it would’ve fallen apart due to lack of action, and drama, and that’s exactly what happened in the scenes that she wasn’t in. The lack of intensity, drama, and action, really was not beneficial to the film. Although it may seem like Maleficent is gone, she surely puts a sleeping curse on the audience while she’s away. The normal audience doesn’t pay attention to the little details, and nor should they if the movie was boring. Furthermore, right from the start they told you who the true antagonist was, and it ruined the suspense. There was no wonder, which didn’t give the audience a reason to continue on, because most of the information was learned from the very beginning. If I were the writer I would do one of 2 things; I would not give the antagonist away in the beginning and when Aurora finally puts all of the pieces together and figures it out, towards the end, that’s when the audience would figure it out too, or have it such that they do show the true antagonist in the beginning but all the characters know, so it’s not such a big lead up to something that one already knows. To sum it up, the film definitely had its downs, luckily actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Jolie prevailed and saved the Kingdom.