Ferrero’s Change in its Nutella Recipe Enrages its Loyal Customers

Ferrero's Change in its Nutella Recipe Enrages its Loyal Customers

Tracy Wang

The recent announcement by Ferrero on its recipe change for the beloved hazelnut spread resulted in negative reactions by its loyal buyers. Popularized by its delicious chocolatey-hazelnut flavor and creamy texture, the Nutella spread is a core element of the American and European food culture. However, the adjustment in milk, cacao, and sugar content might alter the brand’s increasing sales. The “new” Nutella recipe includes an increase in powdered skim milk from 7.5 to 8.7 percent, as well as an increase of sugar content from 55.9 to 56.3 percent. This change resulted in many customers questioning the amount of cacao content that is actually in Nutella, the spread that they know and love. Customers were also concerned with the lightened color of the spread and began to question Ferrero’s quality in cacao. Many wondered if Ferrero was willing to trade revenue for quality and upset those who enjoyed the original recipe.

Already struggling with resolving health-related portion size control with the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), Ferrero might see a possible decrease in sales as more conflict arises on the issue.