Daredevil Season 3 Review

Daniel O'Neill, Writer

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The man without fear, Daredevil has just come back for its third season on Netflix. Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, has given up on his personal life this season, thinking that he can’t be a attorney while fighting crime as the savior of Hell’s Kitchen. This season’s main vocal point was: is a lie justified if the world is safer?

Wilson Fisk is back as the main villain this season to ruin Matt’s personal life and rule New York City as the New Kingpin. Vincent D’Onofrio was born to play the role of Wilson Fisk. Whenever Fisk walks into a room he has an irksome presence. Even though Fisk was the main villain in season one, he still can offer substance to the series. In season one, we see Kingpin already in power as the biggest New York crime boss, but now this season we see him rising up from prison to gain control of New York once again. 

As in all of these Netflix shows, the side characters contribute to the plot greatly. Karen Page, introduced in episode two, has had a whole episode dedicated to her origin, showing us viewers that there are more stories to tell with these characters. Ray Nadeem is another one of these side characters that sometimes have a more interesting story than the main one. Nadeem is an FBI agent that wants to support his family and to be the best father and man he can be. Along the way of this path, Nadeem slips up, giving Fisk the opportunity to blackmail him. This just shows that even good people can get corrupted by Fisk’s overarching control.

As mentioned before, this season Matt Murdock has given up on himself and the law. He thinks that the system is broken. Fisk uses the law to make himself untouchable so Matt’s idea carries validity. This is a really good story line and arc, but it was annoying listening Matt complain about how he doesn’t deserve happiness and that his friends make him weaker. Matt has been through this in season one and two so it’s annoying that he is going through this again. 

Overall this season was great. If you liked the first two seasons you’ll like this one too. This season was almost the best one yet, but it had minor flaws with the main character which were too noticeable to disregard. But, for its great performances and storytelling, I have to rate a 8.9 out of 10.


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