Cinderella Live!


Luke Chan

This year, Manhasset High School presents Cinderella: The Musical.  A remake of the original by Rodgers/Hammerstein, the play consists of students in grades 9-12.  Actors and the stage crew have been working diligently over the past few months to perform a full 30 scene musical.

Recreating the characters from the first Cinderella made by Disney, Mr. Fessler and the theater department have produced an impressive display of the young talent.  For the first time, the majority of the cast consists of freshmen, adding new energy and creativity to the stage.  The roles of the famous Cinderella and Prince Topher are played by Valerie Currie and Sebastian Macchio respectively. Ashley Huber is the beloved Fairy Godmother, Kate Wolfson portrays the wicked Stepmother, and Tanya Wummer acts out the Lord Chancellor Sebastian.  The combination of veteran cast members and freshmen creates a completely different dynamic that excites the whole audience.  Balancing school work and theater, all of the actors and members behind the curtain running the show have exhibited commendable dedication, and their work reflects it.

Come to follow the story of the everlasting Cinderella as she battles the struggles in her home and finds her way into the loving hands of the Prince.  Perhaps we have all seen the animated movie, but watching the emotions and live display of action in our own theater is an experience like no other.  With dramatic music performed by the pit orchestra and singers, fantastic ballroom dancing, and even a bit of “revolutionary” love, the musical presented by the Manhasset student body is full of surprises, humor, and glamor.

Tickets are being sold on the Manhasset Schools website. Hurry before they sell out! The cast and contributors appreciate your support, and they love having a full audience. They perform on Friday 11/16 @ 7:30 PM, Saturday 11/17 @ 7:30 PM, and Sunday 11/18 @ 2:00 PM.